Grim Van Doom / LLNN - Split

by Grim Van Doom

  • "12 Split Vinyl between LLNN & Grim van Doom
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    black Vinyl / 135gr / fully coloured Cover / b/w insert / lined black inner sleeves

    no dlc as you can download the whole split for FREE anyways here on bandcamp!

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"12 Split Vinyl release with LLNN / Copenhagen

download it for free & spread the word


released December 17, 2014

d.i.y. release

all rights reserved to Grim van Doom & LLNN



all rights reserved


Grim Van Doom Wuppertal, Germany


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Track Name: GVD - Child Of Light
you play with matches to suppress your guilt
and you like to kindle inside peoples minds
set small fires 'til everything's lit
your fingers are black, clothes are rags
a blackened face, smeared with coal

this blaze of yours, it keeps me from a halt
cause you belong to me my love
this child of light is mine

the sight of houses endevoured by flames
gives you a thrill of burning down things
to gather some more uncharted beliefs

this blaze of yours, it keeps us from a halt
cause you belong to me my love
this child of light is mine

fascination through the love for fire
curious for the way it changes and moves
so innocent so full of desire
to burn down the voice in her head
that might speak the truth

child of light please
lie to me (x3)
and burn down your guilt
lie to me and I will forget your
red and orange thrills

her mark on me can't be eclipsed
intrigued by the way she changes and moves
so guilty so led by desire
to burn all voices
that might speak the truth
Track Name: GVD - Ropes
she makes small steps and takes her turns
and I turn on her
oh she wants (x2)


long black skeins make it down their way on a sweaty rear
stuck in my grip and the will of iron reign

an act of love some might say
a substitute for loss in a way

she makes small steps and takes her turns
and I turn on her
oh she wants

and I swear
to have means to hold
(to) hold tight means to own
to give is to flail

and who deceits will receive
and who deceits will repeat

we'll be tied to each other
bound by my will, your trust, our lust, the rope

Track Name: GVD - The Ripper
all beers and horns raised from the crowd
dopefaced dudes, chicks screaming loud
thank you brothers and sisters for coming around

dude won't you pass that spliff to me?
Have some my son, take what you need
fuck yeah the whole venue's high on weed

I love this way of wasting life
worship the beat take my advice
let's loose control to refill our souls

grinning faces, sounds of doom
going nuts, too hard, too soon
bashing heads no enemies
pick up your friends, don't spill your drinks
let's have strange talk about true things

hey dude can you pass me the bottle of rum?
sure thing, drink up and have some fun
tear down the walls this place is done

aw man these lyrics are so cheap
whatever son, assassin's creed
I am the ripper high on
weed (x3)