CULT OF OCCULT "black sea"

from by Grim Van Doom



Suffocate in your own anxiety
A thick magmatic substance flowing down your trachea
Putrid gasoline choking your throat up
And you only open your eyes to see everything melting into this dark liquid
The whole world turning into the black sea

I am trapped in this mess
Caught like a damned insect
Relentless waves of suffering
I can’t control my destiny
Sordid existence that I cannot command
A ship without engine at the mercy of the black sea

Smashing on boulders
The hull is cracking
So much weight on the shoulders
My spine is splitting

By the poison I’m invaded
Now I feel it inside my veins
Quickly scaling to freeze my heart
Continuing, to blow my brain

I sink
I drown
I submit to my fate
I am weak and frail
I had no chance
I had lost since I tried
I’ve given up on this great force
I now obey to the black sea

Now I feel great in my woe
Come and join me, don’t be afraid
Abandon your hopes, desires and will
Dive into the sea
It will swallow you and everything
So don’t resist and follow me

Listen to me you will be free

We will die
You and me
In the sea
With a smile
No more fear
No remains
Of our life
The black sea

We’re dead but we’re free.
This is irony!


from Grim van Doom / Cult of Occult - Split, released February 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Grim Van Doom Wuppertal, Germany


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